Leveraging the intellect of our investors and partners


We believe that as investors and as a community, we are better together. This credo is one of the pillars of our mission as a company.

The AV Expert Community combines the professional experience and personal passions of our entire community of over 600k subscribers and community members. If you join, we may call upon you from time to time to provide your expertise to our investment teams or portfolio companies.

“Through the AV Expert Community, I was able to help one of the AV investment teams evaluate an interesting new technology in my field of expertise, met and built a network with the investment team and investment committee, and spoke directly to the CEO of a company that AV ended up investing in. It was an educational and enjoyable experience.”   – AV investor and Expert Community member since 2016


Engagement with our portfolio companies or investment teams is purposely light as we respect the busy lives of our community members. We may call on you as opportunities arise and match your expertise. Our direct requests will largely involve at most a phone call or email response a few times a year. We will also have quarterly requests for broader feedback, usually through a brief online survey.


To become a member of the AV Expert Community, please complete the brief registration form at the right. You do not need to be an investor to sign up.

Questions?  Please feel free to contact us.

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