The smart, simple way to invest in high-growth startups with an IRA. 

The smart, simple way to invest in high-growth startups with an IRA. 

Investing in venture via a qualified retirement account is a smart strategy that over a third of our investors employ, for three reasons:

  1. Horizon Matching. Alumni Ventures investments are 10-year funds that require a long-term mindset. A retirement account can be an ideal vehicle for investing in venture capital.
  2. Tax Advantages. Self-directed IRAs enjoy the same tax advantages as traditional retirement accounts. Distributions are paid directly back to your IRA account and can provide opportunities for outsized tax-deferred growth.
  3. Diversification. Alternative asset classes like venture capital typically have low correlation to the stock market, and may serve as a counterbalance during market volatility and can help offset any downside.

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Invest in companies like these:

Just some of the 900+ companies in the Alumni Ventures portfolio.

*For example purposes only.

Just some of the 800+ companies in the Alumni Ventures portfolio.

*For example purposes only.

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Getting started in venture investing is easier than you think.

Alumni Ventures is a network-powered venture firm that helps accredited individuals build professional venture capital portfolios. Our funds offer:

  • Size. 25+ venture deals per portfolio
  • Diversification. Across stage, sector, and geography
  • Quality. Co-invested alongside the "who's who" of venture firms
  • Simplicity. Make one investment and let us build your portfolio


Alumni Ventures: By the Numbers

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most active venture firm in the world
(Pitchbook, 2021)


portfolio companies


capital raised


investing professionals and staff

We co-invest alongside other well-known venture firms.


Alumni Ventures has invested alongside the firms listed above, but they are listed for illustrative purposes only. There is no guarantee that a particular fund or deal will invest alongside one of the firms listed above.



For Investors: Alumni Ventures helps accredited individuals invest in portfolios of highly-competitive, venture-backed, early-stage startups and pre-IPO companies. We co-invest alongside well-known venture firms and provide access to those deals in a single fund investment or select multiple funds. 

For Founders: Alumni Ventures provides smart, connected capital and access to our extended network of investors and experts. We are low-friction, transparent co-investors who seek to add value via our network and support services.