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Venture capital investing has traditionally been available only to institutional investors and the ultra-wealthy. Not anymore!

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Investing in venture capital means investing in innovative companies like these*

*A sample of some of the companies in the Ring Ventures portfolio.


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Over 8k Texas A&M former students and friends have joined our community.

Ring Ventures is part of Alumni Ventures, a network-powered venture firm, which has raised over $1B from individual accredited investors from 18 university communities and beyond. Our community enables us to access exciting new ventures and add value to our portfolio companies.

Meet the Team

Ring Ventures has a full-time investment team led by Texas A&M Aggies.  Our network is our source of capital and differentiation. Our community enables us to access exciting new ventures and add value to our portfolio companies.

Rob Adams
Managing Partner
Brook Stroud
Patrick Sweeney
Venture Analyst

Why invest in venture capital with Ring Ventures


Venture capital is loosely correlated with the stock market. With public market volatility, VC can help provide greater balance to your investment portfolio.

Robust VC Portfolio

Investing in ~30 deals per portfolio diversified across sectors, stages, and geographies spreads risk and increases opportunities for gains.


We source, vet and access competitive venture deals alongside established VC firms such as Sequoia, Greylock, and Andreesen Horowitz.


In just 20 minutes you can sign up to join Ring Ventures. With a single investment, you’ll gain access to a smart, simple venture capital portfolio.

Your Venture Capital Partner

Ring Ventures is the Alumni Ventures VC fund for Texas A&M former students and friends of the community. Alumni Ventures is disrupting the venture capital industry by offering a path for accredited investors to own an actively managed, diversified venture portfolio that invests alongside well-known VC firms. 


About Alumni Ventures

For Investors: Alumni Ventures helps accredited individuals invest in portfolios of highly-competitive, venture-backed, early-stage startups and pre-IPO companies. We co-invest alongside well-known venture firms and provide access to those deals in a single fund investment or select multiple funds. 

For Founders: Alumni Ventures provides smart, connected capital and access to our extended network of investors and experts. We are low-friction, transparent co-investors who seek to add value via our network and support services.